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By Michelle B. Deutch, D.D.S.
December 10, 2018
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A whiter smile is a better smile, at least according to a survey published by Kelton Research. It found that most Americans judge the professionalism, success, and trustworthiness of others by how white their smiles look. Consequently, there are benefits to whitening your teeth and specific benefits when you opt for professional teeth whitening. This cosmetic treatment is available at Dr. Michelle Deutch’s office in Overland Park, KS.

What Happens at a Teeth Whitening Appointment?
Some people have anxiety about visiting the dentist, but when you are going in for a teeth whitening treatment, there is nothing to be afraid of, as the process is simple. A dental retractor will be placed in your mouth to protect your gums from irritation. Then, your dentist will apply a special bleaching agent, composed of a high-percentage hydrogen peroxide solution. A curing light may also be used to activate the whitening effect more quickly and give you the exact color you want.

Teeth Whitening Benefits
The most noticeable benefit of teeth whitening is how bright your smile will become, as your Overland Park dentist can improve the color of your smile by up to eight shades. Years of staining will be removed! Another benefit of this treatment is that it works so quickly. You could leave work and go back after your appointment with a whiter smile after just an hour or so. After teeth whitening, regular professional cleanings will be even more important, so your overall dental health may improve over time.

Keeping Your Teeth as White as Possible
Your newly whitened smile can continue to look beautiful if you show extra love, attention, and care to your teeth. Be mindful of these tips for extending the whiter look of your teeth:

- Commit to twice-per-day brushing sessions that last for at least two minutes at a time and use a fluoride paste with whitening properties.
- Drink beverages with a straw. When eating, cut your food and place it toward the back of your mouth instead of biting into it with your front teeth.
- Eat a diet with sufficient nutrients (including calcium and iron) to keep your teeth strong and healthy.

Visit Your Dentist for Teeth Whitening 
When the outer layer of your teeth is stained, it can be brightened with a professional teeth whitening treatment at your dentist’s office. Call (913) 469-0085 today to set an appointment with Dr. Michelle Deutch at her office in Overland Park, KS.

By Michelle B. Deutch, D.D.S.
November 17, 2017
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Getting your teeth whitened professionally can be a life-changing experience. Whiter teeth are associated with youth, health, vitality and even your level of professionalism in the workplace. Your Overland Park, KS dentist have the ability to improve the appearance of your teeth by up to eight shades in one short visit. Explore the following FAQs about teeth whitening so that you can decide if this cosmetic treatment is right for you.Teeth Whitening

Why is Professional Teeth Whitening the Best Option?
Over the counter whitening products are convenient but problematic for a number of reasons. For one, they take a long time to show results (sometimes weeks or months), if they ever do. Whitening kits that come with trays are ill-fitting and uncomfortable to wear for extended periods of time. When you have your teeth whitened professionally, the treatment is finished within one day, in one appointment. There’s no need to disrupt your schedule by wearing a tray every day and little to no concerns about irritation of the gums since the procedure will be handled by a skilled dentist.

Who Is a Candidate?
Any patient with generally good dental health may be a candidate for professional teeth whitening. Keep in mind that some patients aren’t eligible for this treatment because they have stains that can’t be cleared with whitening gels. This is the case when the stain is “intrinsic,” which means the discoloration is at the inner layer of the tooth. You dentist can tell you if your teeth can be successfully whitened at your initial consultation.

What Will Happen at the Whitening Appointment?
Set aside at least an hour of your time for your teeth whitening appointment. You’ll sit back in your chair as the dentist inserts a device to keep your lips separate from your teeth then applies the gel. You’ll wait for anywhere between 60-90 minutes until the whitening effect has set in. Many patients choose to have this treatment performed on a lunch hour.

How Long Will the Teeth Stay White?
You can expect to enjoy your new whiter smile for about one to two years or longer. The length of time your smile will last depends on you and your dental habits. If you go back to eating the same foods and drinking the same beverages that stained your teeth in the past, the problem is likely to return more quickly. Use a straw, brush regularly and see your dentist for cleanings twice per year.

Contact Your Overland Park, KS Dentist

You will be happy with the way that your smile looks after going to your Overland Park dentist for a teeth whitening treatment. If you have more questions, call for an appointment today.

By Michelle B. Deutch, D.D.S.
December 01, 2016

Discover whether this powerful whitening system could finally brighten your dulling smile.

Are sick and tired of noticing yellow stains on your teeth whenever you smile? Do you want to feel confident talking and smiling around teeth whiteningothers without fearing that all they see is yellow, dull teeth? Of course, you could try over-the-counter remedies that may or may not actually make much of a difference or you could turn to our Overland Park, KS dentist, Dr. Michelle Deutch, for professional in-office whitening. Find out more about this cosmetic procedure and whether it could brighten your smile.

What causes teeth to yellow?

Yes, yellowing of teeth is a natural part of aging. This is due to the fact that as we get older the dentin, the inner part of the tooth just past the enamel, darkens over time. Since enamel often thins as we get older, this means that the darker dentin layer is more easily visible. Besides aging, dental stains can also be caused by,

  • Direct trauma to a tooth
  • Too much fluoride usage
  • Genetics
  • Consuming certain foods and drinks that are known to cause stains
  • Taking antibiotics for long periods of time before 10 years old
  • Smoking cigarettes or using other tobacco products

Can teeth whitening help me?

The whitening system that our Overland cosmetic dentist offers is stronger than any whitening products you’ll ever find. This system has been known to whiten smiles by several shades in less than one hour; however, even our amazing whitening system won’t be able to tackle all issues. If you want professional in-office teeth whitening (or even our at-home system) here are some things to consider:

  • You need to have dental stains that are external (caused by food, drink, aging or smoking) rather than internal
  • You shouldn’t have any dental work (e.g. fillings, crowns, etc.) unless you are okay with the fact that whitening will not be able to whiten these restorations
  • You are dedicated to keeping your smile healthy and clean and you will come in every six months for routine cleanings to keep your smile looking its best. You’ll also avoid certain foods and drinks that may restain your teeth
  • You don’t suffer from tooth sensitivity or you have talked to us about ways to combat this issue before getting teeth whitening treatment in Overland, KS

If teeth whitening sounds like the right option for you, then it’s time you called our Overland, KS dental office to schedule a consultation!

By Michelle B. Deutch, DDS
September 30, 2014
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teeth whitening Many Americans drink coffee every morning for a little pick-me-up, and tea comes in at a close second. Drinking coffee or tea everyday can cause an undesirable effect: stained/dull teeth. Over many years of tea or coffee drinking, your teeth are prone to stains.
Dr. Michelle Deutch believes that patients can still enjoy their morning coffee and have white teeth at the same time. How you may ask? Teeth whitening. Our Overland Park dental office offers four different kinds of teeth whitening treatments including: Zoom, Venus White, Sinsational Smile, disposable trays and custom-fitted trays.
  • Zoom: Zoom teeth whitening is a light based whitening treatment and can be completed in one visit. The teeth whitening treatment includes plaque removal, the zoom procedure, custom trays for treatment, post-care instructions, as well as take-home whitening gel and trays if you choose to maintain at home.
  • Venus White Custom-Fitted Trays: This system can be done by day or nightly while you sleep 15-30 minutes 1 to 2 times a day for a total of 6-14 days. We will provide you with custom trays for treatment, and maintenance with a take-home whitening gel.
  • Venus White Disposable Trays: Takes about 7 nights to notice whitening and comes with 7 sets of pre-filled disposable trays.
  • Sinsational Smile: A light based treatment with one 20 minute office visit. We will also send you home with a take-home whitening pen after the procedure.
For Zoom teeth whitening that is done in office with a light, here is what you can expect:
  1. Comprehensive Consultation – First, an examination of your teeth and gums will be done. Your smile will then be matched to a shade guide. This will help you to see your measurable results after the procedure is complete.
  2. Preparation of Teeth – You will need to have an in-office cleaning before the teeth whitening can be done. This ensures that food particles, bacteria and tartar will not interfere with the whitening agent.
  3. Application of the Whitening Agent – First, a protective coating or device will be used to ensure the whitening agent does not bother your gums. Then, the whitening solution is brushed onto all exposed tooth surfaces.
  4. Duration of Treatment – Some patients can see an eight-shade difference after just an hour.
Brushing your teeth twice a day, as well as flossing daily is very important in keeping your teeth a dazzling white color. Also, be sure to keep up with your annual dental cleanings/visits. To learn more about our teeth whitening procedures, or to schedule a consultation, contact our office today!