Which Cosmetic Dentistry Procedure Is Right for Me?

Are you unhappy with the look of your smile? Well, with the help of cosmetic dentistry, you won't be any longer! Coming in a variety of Smileaesthetic boosting procedures, cosmetic dentistry can repair chips and cracks, close gaps between teeth, transform the shape of unsymmetrical teeth, and brighten a dull or discolored smile. Read on to learn how Dr. Michelle Deutch, your dentist in Overland Park, uses these treatments to help you achieve the smile of your dreams!


Zoom Whitening

Zoom whitening is a professional treatment that will turn your smile from dull to dazzling! With Zoom whitening, it is possible to whiten your teeth by several shades in less than an hour at our Overland Park office. Additionally, most patients experience little to no sensitivity with this treatment, whereas other over-the-counter teeth whitening methods can sometimes leave teeth feeling sensitive and looking unevenly colored.


Tooth-colored Fillings

Tooth-colored fillings are a durable and aesthetically-pleasing alternative to other, more conspicuous, types of dental fillings, such as traditional silver amalgams. Made from a durable white composite material that readily blends in with the natural teeth, tooth-colored fillings are just as effective for filling cavities and root canals as other dental fillings, they just also come with the added advantage of being extremely discreet.



Veneers provide a simple solution to transform the appearance of teeth that have various cosmetic concerns such as discolorations or uneven surfaces. Veneers are extremely thin covers cemented to the front surface of problem teeth to give them a flawless new look. Once it is set in place, a veneer looks like part of the natural tooth. Veneers can be used to conceal stains and discolorations, close small gaps between teeth, improve the shape of unsymmetrical teeth, and give rough or uneven teeth a smooth new surface.



Bonding is a cosmetic dentistry procedure for repairing physical maladies such as chips and cracks. During treatment, a putty-like resin material is applied to the problem area before being cured with a special light. As the material dries and hardens, it becomes permanently bonded to the tooth. Once it is fully dry, the chip or crack will be gone and the bonding material will look like part of the natural tooth!


Give Us a Call!

Many other cosmetic dentistry options are also available in addition to those mentioned above. Your dentist can recommend the right cosmetic dentistry procedures to help you achieve the smile you desire. To learn more about how cosmetic dentistry could help you, schedule an appointment with Dr. Deutch, your Overland Park dentist, by calling the office at (913) 469-0085.