EPIC By Biolase

Learn how laser therapy at your dentist's office can make dental procedures faster, easier and more comfortable for you.

You've likely heard about lasers being used to treat skin or vascular problems. These tiny beams of light target trouble spots while Gumsleaving healthy tissue intact, making them the wave of the future for the medical community. Did you know that Dr. Michelle Deutch uses laser therapy in her dental practice in Overland Park, Kansas? Specifically, Dr. Deutch uses a revolutionary laser tool from Biolase called EPIC. The EPIC laser is particularly unique because of its versatility; it performs three different treatments - gum tissue surgery, whitening and pain therapy for those with TMJ - with one handheld tool. Here's how it works:

Gum tissue therapy

If you are dealing with periodontitis that isn't responding well to conservative treatments, your Overland Park dentist may use the EPIC laser to treat your gum disease. The laser specifically targets tissue that has been affected by the buildup of bacteria, allowing the tissue to heal and regenerate faster than from traditional gum surgery. 

Your Overland Park dentist may also employ the use of the EPIC laser for crown lengthening, a procedure which removes excess gum tissue for cosmetic or restorative purposes. Regardless of the procedure, patients whose gums have been treated with laser therapy report less discomfort during and after treatment.

Pain therapy

If your TMJ pain isn't alleviated through jaw exercises or over-the-counter medication, you may have success with pain therapy through the EPIC laser. It delivers low levels of laser energy to the targeted areas; many patients have reported relief through the use of this non-invasive and safe procedure offered at your Overland Park dentist's office.


Imagine if your teeth could be four to six shades lighter in just 20 minutes. Sounds too good to be true? With the EPIC laser system, it's a reality. Your Overland Park dentist uses the EPIC laser to activate high-quality whitening gel, giving you a brighter smile in just a few minutes.

To learn more about EPIC's amazing capabilities, contact Dr. Michelle Deutch's dental office in Overland Park, Kansas today to schedule an appointment!