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Dental Implants - Overland Park, KS

Overland Park dental implants from Dr. Michelle Deutch offer those who have lost teeth the chance for a natural-looking replacement. This restores the look of the mouth as well as the function of the teeth, allowing patients to enjoy their normal lives without embarrassment.

Dental Implant.

An implant is a permanent replacement for the root a missing tooth. It is anchored to the jawbone directly or to a metal framework that is attached to the bone. This gives the dentist a strong place to attach the artificial tooth or bridge. Sometimes an implant can be used to attach dentures as well.

An implant does require oral surgery, and Dr. Deutch's excellent training makes her the ideal dentist to perform this procedure. Patients are given anesthesia and sometimes antibiotics during the procedure. The new tooth will be made of metal or ceramic, so it can remain in the mouth for a very long time, provided the individual practices good oral hygiene.

With Overland Park implants from Dr. Michelle Deutch, you can once again enjoy your smile without embarrassment. You can also avoid potential problems with your bite and jaw from teeth that have moved. If you have lost a tooth and need a replacement, call Dr. Deutch today. The longer you wait, the more complicated the surgery may be, because your teeth can shift to start to fill in the hole.

Dental Implants Replace One Tooth. Dental Implants Replace Multiple Teeth. Dental Implants Replace All Teeth. Dental Implants Support Removable Dentures.


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